More Bang for Your Buck

More Bang for Your Buck

April 5th, 2020

PRICE: How to Get More 'Bang for Your Buck' from Creamer

Whether you’re preparing for a day jam-packed with meetings, a long shift at the hospital, or hours standing behind a cash register, it’s hard to imagine facing what’s ahead without coffee. If a cup of joe is part of your quintessential morning routine, you’re not alone: As of 2018, 64% of American adults surveyed consume coffee every day, whether it’s a hastily made mug of instant coffee or a frothy Frappuccino from a cafe.

This article provides a cost and budget breakdown of consuming Starbucks vs CoffeeMate vs Prymal so you can assess your own coffee behavior + expenses. A few bucks here and there...these 3 different coffee drinking scenarios will help you understand how "expensive" your habit is.

You might pat yourself on the back, you might decide to change.

I just want to help expand the way you think about your coffee - beyond comfort, delectable flavor, and a refreshing dose of caffeine, you could be spending more than you realize (and wanted). This is where Prymal helps!

"A cup of coffee every day adds up, especially if you’re splurging on big name brand products."

Starbucks has quite the loyal following, with the average customer stopping by six times a month, or approximately once a week. The most avid 20% of Starbucks fans take the craze even further by visiting around 16 times a month, or four times a week.

It’s easy to see the appeal: Starbucks offers a wide variety of products that are ready to drink within minutes of ordering. Of course, this level of quality and service comes with a high price tag, as well as an abundance of sugar. A single grande-sized Salted Caramel Mocha Latte costs $4.95 and has 59g of added sugar. Doing the math, that means drinking this beverage 6 times a month will cost you $29.70 and come with 354g of sugar, and 16 times a month adds up to a whopping $79.20 and 944g of sugar. Yikes!

If you prefer to skip the crowds at Starbucks, you might be more inclined to add some flavor to your home-brewed coffee with CoffeeMate. With a 32oz, 64-serving bottle only costing $3.59, it’s tempting to make CoffeeMate creamer a staple in your diet. However, the low price tag means a marked loss in flavor and health value.

CoffeeMate’s Original Coffee Creamer is vague in its nutritional information, simply citing “Natural Flavor” as one of its components. The specific ingredients that are listed on the label, like corn syrup solids and vegetable oil, aren't particularly healthy either. This lackluster recipe results not only in a deficit in nutritional value, but also a noticeably weaker taste than anything served at Starbucks. CoffeeMate is cheap, but why bother paying for it at all when you’re not getting any health benefits or pleasurable taste from it?

"If you’re looking for a way to get the quality of a coffee shop drink without making your bank account suffer, your search ends with Prymal!"


If you’re looking for a way to get the quality of a coffee shop drink without making your bank account suffer, your search ends with Prymal! A 320g bag offers 32 servings for just $22. Starbucks addicts can find a cheaper and healthier creamer substitute by spicing up their favorite plain coffee with 2tbsp of Prymal, which only costs $1. That means treating yourself to a grande sized Prymal latte every day adds up to a mere $30 a month–a fraction of the Starbucks price!

What’s more, if you drink Prymal half the days of a given month and visit Starbucks once a week, you’ll save 118g of sugar and 472 calories. Make this behavior a habit every month, and that adds up to a grand total of 5664 sugar calories cut out in a year. This goes a long way
when it comes to your health and maintaining your weight.

A serving of Prymal plus a splash of hot milk or cream run through a milk frother make the richest, most decadent coffee imaginable, and thanks to all natural ingredients like monk fruit, stevia, erythritol, and chicory root extract, it’s delightfully sweet with 0g sugar and no artificial sweeteners. The end result is a coffee that will make you feel full, fueled, and happy all morning while maintaining a modest budget. There’s truly no better way to start your day than with Prymal!

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