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How to Prepare Prymal

Create the creamiest, yummiest cup of coffee ever in 30 sec!


1. Add a splash of any milk or alternative of choice to your cup

2. Add 2 rounded TB of creamer

3. Use milk frother to blend

4. Pour 8oz of hot coffee on top

We intentionally do not use any chemical binders, gums, or emuslifiers in our natural products. This is why we always recommend using a milk frotherfor best results.

Trust us, it's worth it :)


If you're a visual learner, here's a link to our Step-By-Step image tutorial.

For more recipes, check out Prymal's Facebook and Instagram!

Prymal creamers are 100% natural & free from the typical chemical binders, gums, or emuslifiers found in traditional coffee products. This is why we always recommend using a milk frother for best results.

Trust us, it's worth the one time purchase :)

Otherwise, make sure to always add your creamer first, followed by pouring hot coffee on top.

More questions? Email us at

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General FAQ

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides, KetoSweet™ (Erythritol, Stevia Leaf Extract), Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Gum Acacia, Inulin, Erythritol, CONTAINS TWO PERCENT OR LESS OF EACH OF THE FOLLOWING:Sodium Caseinate, Natural Flavor, Himalayan Pink SaltContains: Tree Nuts (Coconuts), Milk Product *A milk-derived ingredient, free from lactose***Please check each flavor as they can vary slightly. Ie: cinnamon, cacao powder, etc

Reb M, or Rebaudioside M, is the rarest and most expensive of the Steviol Glycosides. It's frequently considered the most superior form due to its remarkably clean, sugar-like taste profile, & minimal bitterness compared to other commonly used stevias you'll find in the market. Stevia Reb M is zero-calorie & boasts a glycemic index of zero, making it an exceptional sweetener for diabetics & health-conscious individuals alike. It's this optimal combination of premium taste health benefits that leads Prymal to choose Stevia Reb M as the sweetener for our healthy creamers.

Simple answer: it’s from quality, plant-based fat sources like coconut and sustainably harvested palm. These ingredients give the creamer its milky texture while fueling your body with clean energy. Feeding your body with quality nutrients and removing unnecessary sugar is a game-changing process. Try this one little swap to your coffee for a week, we’re confident you’ll notice a difference in your natural energy!

Our MCT-rich creamer is a combination of sustainably sourced coconut oil & palm oil(this is different than palm seed oil). Our partners abide by strict environmental harvesting techniques to ensure orangutan habitats are preserved & deforestation is prevented.  The MCT’s are a 70% fat blend, with a ratio of 50% C8 (Caprylic Acid) to 20% C10 (Capric Acid).

There are 5g total carbs and 1g net carb. How?

There are 2 gm of unlisted Dietary Fiber coming from 1 g Gum Acacia (Gum Arabic) + 1gm Inulin (Chicory Root Fiber)

5g Carb - 2g unlisted Fiber - 2g Erythritol = 1 g Net Carb

These are two prebiotic fibers with gut-health benefits we use as our oil and flavor carriers; however, the FDA does not allow us to legally recognize them as nutritional "Dietary Fibers."

This is why it says 0g Dietary Fiber on the nutrition facts panel despite being soluble fiber that may help stabilize blood sugar.

There is ~1gm of Acacia per serving and ~1gm Chicory Root. These are two prebiotic fibers with gut-health benefits we use as our oil and flavor carriers; additionally, some flavors like Cacao Mocha contains real cacao powder which also contributes some trace carbs. Yes, it's real food!

No, all of our creamers are lactose free but do contain trace dairy from sodium caseinate, a lactose free milk-derivative.

HOWEVER, we just released a new line of 100% Vegan Oat Creamers. Check 'em out!

Please see each product page for its specific ingredients and nutrition facts panel. There will be an image with the information.

Simple answer: FDA labeling guidelines. Powdered coffee creamers can only list nutritional information in the form of grams or tsp. I tried to use TB as the unit of measurement bsince I recommend 2TB per 8oz coffee, but it was denied.

There are 3 tsps in 1 tbsp. 

So if you use 2 tbsp in your coffee as recommended, then you will be using 1.5 FDA servings of creamer. 

Adjust the amount you use based on how much flavor you normally enjoy with your coffee or tea!


I fully understand the concern about natural flavors and I would love to help explain about Prymal's natural flavor quality vs others because there is absolutely a spectrum. 
I'll discuss the difference in the source of flavor and then the starch carriers used.

Our natural flavors are created by extracting the essence oils and flavor compounds of real food, natural ingredients. For example our hazelnut is extracted from True hazelnuts, vanilla contains real vanilla beans, Etc.
Other companies natural flavors are created synthetically and made from complete chemical derivatives. This is very cheap to do which is great for cost effectiveness but means the health integrity is questionable.

After extracting the essence oil or after creating the synthetic flavor, these need to be attached to a dry starch ingredients so that add powdered product can remain powdered and not liquid. The most common carrier is corn maltodextrin. This is GMO corn maltodextrin that, similar to the chemical and synthetic flavors, is extremely cost-effective.

I worked extremely closely with the flavor partner I use to test out a different carrier. It took us months to R&D but I got them to switch to Acacia fiber, which is a high quality and gut friendly Prebiotic carrier.

My natural flavors are actually the most expensive ingredient in my creamer. I care about the quality and derivative of my flavors so I do not cut corners.

No pressure or need to purchase the product, but I do hope that this helps explain the process + differences in natural flavors.

I hear you and understand + empathize with how healthy options disappoint. No one likes the chemically aftertaste so many sugar-free products have and I've formulated my creamers specifically for this. I personally think it is the best tasting creamer option that uses Stevia in it, but here's what I tell new potential customers to help them set their own expectations and figure out if they should purchase or not:

If you are coming from a place where you are already using sugar Alternatives this should be amazinggg. You really should have a seamless transition and you will notice how much better this sugar free and clean option tastes. 

But if you're someone who is extremely sensitive to any kind of sugar alternative or if you are currently used to only doing full circle products, it's not impossible but just go in with an open mind knowing that this is not going to taste the same.

If you commit to the switch from transitioning of whatever you currently use to Prymal all the way, it will be worth it long term:) hope this helps!

Prymal’s tag line is “Sugar-Free, Flavor-Full” for a reason. Unlike current companies that offer a “sugar-free” version to their regular product, we crafted Prymal for the sole reason of being incredibly tasty AND incredulously sugar-free--naturally. We stand firm behind our “Ingredient Non-Negotiable” to never use artificial sweeteners or unideal additives like sucralose, aspartame, and corn syrup. Our KetoSweet ™ swap is a proprietary blend of stevia, erythritol, and natural flavors that perfectly mimics the taste and smooth sweetness of real sugar--without the calories or other health repercussions.


Subscriptions are a perfect way to make sure that you always have your Prymal creamer when you need it.  Our subscriptions are simple to set up and simple to manage.  For your first order, simply decide which products you want shipped to you, select 'Subscribe & Save' and add these products to your cart and checkout.  The best benefit to subscribing.... 10% off each order plus you're inventory is reserved if we ever run low!

Subscriptions can be set up to be automatically sent every 30, 45, or 60 days and are available in our core items: Cacao Mocha, French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Birthday Cake, Original, Cinnamon Dolce, Italian Sweet Cream, Butter Pecan, and our Coffees.

If you wish to change the products, cancel your subscription, or skip deliveries, you can easily do so by logging in to your account on our website. There are no contracts or commitments!

The following customer guide walks you through how to do all of this and more.

If you are trying to view the Subscription menu on your phone, please turn your phone horizontally to see all the menu options.

If you have never accessed your subscription before, you may need to activate your account first. For assistance, please contact

You may cancel or modify your subscription at any time by logging into your Prymal account OR emailing

If you have not activated/ established a formal Prymal account then you will need to complete this step first. Simply placing an order or establishing a subscription does not automatically activate your account.

The following customer guide can help you with canceling, udpating the amount, frequency, dates, etc. Or you are welcome to simply email us at

We always try our best to reserve enough creamers/ coffee for our subscribers so that when your subscription day arrives, we have them for you, even if the website indicates that we are sold out.

Sometimes an event (like a global pandemic) occurs that puts us a little behind on some flavors, and we will let you know and do everything we can to get them to you as soon as we get them into our warehouse, or give you the option to try another style, whichever you prefer.

If your items are unavailable you will receive an automated email with some options. Please respond to for more assistance and possible custom solutions.

Have a subscription does not automatically entail free shipping. However, if your order is over $55 then you will qualify for free shipping.

A popular subscription order is 3 large bags every 45 or 60 days which totals more than $55 and qualifies you for free shipping.

More questions? Email us at

Seasonal Flavors and Limited Edition Flavors are not available as subscribable options as they are not available year round to automatically receive.

However, a suggestion solution if you are wanting to order Seasonal Flavors or Limited Edition with your normal subscription items is to simply "SKIP" your upcoming subscription and place a manual, one time purchase instead. Please feel free to email for more info on how to arrange this.


We currently ship from Austin, TX. Sometimes your order may arrive in more than one package so please do not be alarmed if your order seems incomplete. You may always email for an update.

Please see the following breakdown:

PROCESSING TIMES 2-5 business days: Processing Times begin when you place an order on Your order is reviewed and sent to our warehouse crew who packages, labels, and arranges shipment of your order. This window of time also includes USPS, FEDEX, UPS, or DHL picking up your package. 

SHIPPING TIMES: Standard shipping is normally within 5-10 business days. We understand that this is a large window, but our shipping carriers recently communicated that there have been several delays in shipping due to increased demand of shipping carriers and we want to set clear expectations for our customers. 

NO TRACKING ACTIVITY FOR MORE THAN 10 DAYS?: Please email us at to review options as your order may be lost in transit.

Please note, shipments to Hawaii, Canada, and Alaska will normally exceed normal shipping times. 

THANK YOU so much for your patience and understanding!

We are so sorry to hear that your package may be lost or stolen! We know this can be very frustrating.

 If your order has had no updated tracking information for more than 10 days, then we can assume your order is lost in transit and assist with a reshipment order.

If your order was marked as delivered, but you did not receive it then please let us know.

We kindly ask that you contact the shipping carrier provided in your tracking email or your local post office with your tracking details. This way, both Prymal and the carrier can be involved. After doing so, please contact us at with your order number to review next steps together.

We are currently shipping to Canada. Simply go through the checkout process to receive a shipping quote to your address. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer comped shipping rates to Canada at this time. Please note: Prymal is not responsible for duty charges.

We are not shipping internationally but would love to in the future!

If you have any questions, please email Thank you!

Customer Support and Returns Policy

We work hard to create flavors that everyone can enjoy! But we understand that it may not be a great fit for everyone and offer a 30 day refund window. Please send an email to with your order # and reason for requesting a return so we may help with the process.

Please note that customers are responsible for their own return shipping label/cost. Opened creamer bags qualify for a 50% refund. Opened frothers qualify for a 50% refund. Limited Edition flavors are non-refundable. Coffee is non-refundable.

Wanting a Replacement Instead?

We would love to help you find the perfect fit for your preferences! Simply shoot us an email with your order #, the product you want replaced, and the reason why so we can find a solution together. Email us at


Limited Edition flavors are non-refundable.

They are crafted in smaller, single-run batches and once they sell out there is no more production.

In prior releases, a number of customers purchased 4+ bags yet requested full refunds for everything. This inventory could have been purchased and appreciated by others who wanted to order. Thank you for your understanding. Feel free to email if you have additional questions.

Our website only allows for one discount at a time. Is it possible you are “stacking” discounts? This includes if you are purchasing a subscription priced creamer. Subscription priced creamers are already considered discounted, which means an additional code would not be available. We are still a very small business, and our margin to offer discounts is capped at 15% at this time. We appreciate your understanding!

If you are only trying to apply this one discount, then perhaps you just overlooked the section to input the discount code. If you are using a desktop, then the discount code will appear in checkout on the right hand column. If you are using your mobile phone, then go through all steps of checkout  and right before you submit your order it will have a box to submit the code.

Still need help? Please email 

We are so sorry to hear that your package may be lost or stolen! The first step would be to contact the shipping carrier provided in your tracking email or your local post office with your tracking details. This way, both Prymal and the carrier can be involved. After doing so, you may simply email us at for further guidance. Although Prymal is not responsible for errors caused by shipping carriers, we will do everything to review options to make things right. Our company policy states that if a package has no tracking activity for 10 days then it can be considered lost in transit and eligible for a reshipment or refund.

We are so sorry to hear that your package arrived damaged!

See below:

1. If you purchased the ROUTE Package Protection on your order, then you can simply file a claim with Route through your confirmation email. ROUTE is the most efficient way to resolve damaged packages. Prymal strategically partnered with ROUTE to provide our customers with options to receive a solution must faster. Please be sure to take photos of the damaged item as well as the package it arrived in.

2. If you did not purchase ROUTE Package Protection then simply email us at for further guidance. Please be sure to include photos of the damaged item as well as the package it arrived in.

We would love to hear from you! You may reach us directly via email