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Easily swap flavors, skip orders, or cancel your subscription at any time via text message.

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Got questions? We got answers!

Subscriptions are a perfect way to make sure that you always have your Prymal creamer when you need it.  Our subscriptions are simple to set up and simple to manage.  For your first order, simply decide which products you want shipped to you, select 'Subscribe & Save' and add these products to your cart and checkout.  The best benefit to subscribing.... 10% off each order plus you're inventory is reserved if we ever run low!

Subscriptions can be set up to be automatically sent every 30, 45, or 60 days and are available in our core items: Cacao Mocha, French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Birthday Cake, Original, Cinnamon Dolce, Italian Sweet Cream, Butter Pecan, and our Coffees.

If you wish to change the products, cancel your subscription, or skip deliveries, you can easily do so by logging in to your account on our website. There are no contracts or commitments!

The following customer guide walks you through how to do all of this and more.

If you are trying to view the Subscription menu on your phone, please turn your phone horizontally to see all the menu options.

If you have never accessed your subscription before, you may need to activate your account first. For assistance, please contact

You may cancel or modify your subscription at any time by logging into your Prymal account OR emailing

If you have not activated/ established a formal Prymal account then you will need to complete this step first. Simply placing an order or establishing a subscription does not automatically activate your account.

The following customer guide can help you with canceling, udpating the amount, frequency, dates, etc. Or you are welcome to simply email us at

We always try our best to reserve enough creamers/ coffee for our subscribers so that when your subscription day arrives, we have them for you, even if the website indicates that we are sold out.

Sometimes an event (like a global pandemic) occurs that puts us a little behind on some flavors, and we will let you know and do everything we can to get them to you as soon as we get them into our warehouse, or give you the option to try another style, whichever you prefer.

If your items are unavailable you will receive an automated email with some options. Please respond to for more assistance and possible custom solutions.

Have a subscription does not automatically entail free shipping. However, if your order is over $55 then you will qualify for free shipping.

A popular subscription order is 3 large bags every 45 or 60 days which totals more than $55 and qualifies you for free shipping.

More questions? Email us at

If you are seeing random $.98 Route Package Protection charges then this means your Creamer and Route charges are not aligned.

This can happen when you change the date of your creamer.

Example: You subscription is for 3 large bags of creamers every 45 days with Route Package Protection. You choose to skip your next creamer shipment but you only select the creamer button and forget to also choose the Route. In this situation, the Route Package Protection will charge on the normal scheduled date without the creamers.

In summary, please be sure to update both the creames and Route when making changes.

Please email us at to reverse any random Route charges and to assist with aligning the two.

Seasonal Flavors and Limited Edition Flavors are not available as subscribable options as they are not available year round to automatically receive.

However, a suggestion solution if you are wanting to order Seasonal Flavors or Limited Edition with your normal subscription items is to simply "SKIP" your upcoming subscription and place a manual, one time purchase instead. Please feel free to email for more info on how to arrange this.