As Daily Coffee Drinkers, My Family Needed Better



I created this product because my father and grandfather with Type II Diabetes were using Coffeemate + spoonfuls of sugar in their coffee every day. They said "there's nothing else that tastes good," so I set out to make a creamer that all of us could love and  trust to fit a low sugar diet. 

In the process of creating this product, I realized there was a major void in creamer options that were good for you and nailed it when it came to taste. What you see now is the first natural alternative to big creamers with an indulgent taste and milky creaminess— minus the junk.


My team and I are devoted to making better creamers that bring people together and make the life-long journey to health an enjoyable process. It’s what keeps us up late at night and gets us jumping out of bed in the morning--literally!  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create experiences that make every morning something you look forward to.

Love Always,

Courtney, CEO &Founder

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