How to Make the Best Prymal Latte

Prymal is natural and unlike store-bought creamers so it needs to be prepared differently. But don't let this method deter you from changing your life. Yes! Dare we say, it is the only creamer that will allow you to feel closer to your health goals, enjoy the process, and to more importantly never have another bad coffee day in your life again! 

"I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve tried so many products online and to my surprise I’m absolutely obsessed! From the flavor to the aero latte it’s been an “experience” drinking my coffee now! I actually enjoy the taste instead of masking it with unhealthy creamers packed with sugar and fat!" - Andrea S.

 "I followed Courtney’s instructions and my latte came out perfectly. It tasted so delicious, and I didn’t add any sweetener (and I like my coffee sweet)."  - Jenna T.