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Prymal’s Purpose

Hello, my name is Courtney, the founder of Prymal. I was determined to create a healthy coffee creamer for my family first. My father and grandfather both have Type II Diabetes and were using Coffeemate plus spoonfuls of sugar in their coffee every single day because, as they said, "There's nothing else that tastes good." So I set out to make a creamer that would remove sugar from their diet without them having to give up the sweet creamed coffee taste that they loved so much.

With Prymal, I successfully got my family to cut out the junk in their coffee, and at the same time, created a truly innovative product that works. This was when Prymal’s purpose evolved even further…

Coffee Isn’t Just About Caffeine

Coffee isn't just a way to wake up. It's how we wake up and the daily ritual we’ve become accustomed to each morning. Understanding the importance of this ritual and its direct impact on our health, Prymal's mission expanded and shifted towards our customers and their experiences.

Prymal Passion & Commitment to Our Customers

Prymal makes people excited to wake up and start their day. Our morning coffee is our 15 minutes of solitude—and the time to journal, reflect, and zone out before all the million parts of our day begin clawing for our attention. It's that small but valuable window of time we all desperately need.

Prymal Promotes Healthier Living

Prymal's values aren’t about aligning with a specific, bounded dietary belief except for our zero sugar principle. Sugar is the culprit that impacted my family's Type II Diabetes. So sugar, along with other no-no's like artificial chemicals and junk, are our only non-negotiables. And whatever dietary lifestyle you prefer, whether it’s Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Mediterranean Diet, etc.—Prymal complies with your diet of choice.

Proof in Prymal Reviews

Tasting is Believing

All of Prymal’s products are so ridiculously tasty you won't believe that they are made of clean ingredients and have zero sugar. With so many decadent flavors to choose from, try them all to find your favorites. 

Prymal’s Promise to You

We want our customers to feel good about the fact that Prymal has your back. When it comes to your health, your morning rituals, and satisfying your daily craving for sweet and creamy coffee, Prymal promises to deliver!