*Help Texas* French Toast Crunch Cereal Milk Creamer - Prymal Coffee Creamer

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*Help Texas* French Toast Crunch Cereal Milk Creamer

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Prymal Family helping families💪💕. 100% of this purchase will be donated to:

AUSTIN DISASTER RELIEF NETWORK : A network of Greater Austin churches and trained volunteers prepared and ready to meet the needs of those affected. Providing access to clean water, hot food, warmth shelters, & transportation.

SALVATION ARMY TEXAS: Salvation Army TX is distributing hot food through the Army's mobile canteens and existing facilities. They are also distributing winter clothing to individuals as well as feeding emergency responders and providing transportation to people who are stranded.

Thank you so much for your contribution! Our fellow Americans are in dire need & I’m so proud to step up to the plate with you. I hope that every morning, as you sip on this special & never-before released flavor ❤☕, that you remember your gift just fed a family & kept them warm through this unprecedented Texas winter snow storm.

Thanks, y’all.

P.S. I hope this nostalgic, French Toast cereal flavor knocks your socks off & takes you back to good memories🥰💕☕